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Charley Harper

There is more than meets the eye in a Charley Harper Serigraph. In his artwork, the first look may reveal an animal, bird, tree, some color...but then the unique linear patterns and shapes grab you with a special Harper message of some little drama in life taking place right before you. Charles Harper is probably the only wildlife artist in America who has never been compared to Audubon. And never will be. For his is wildlife art without the fuss and feathers - minimal realism, he calls it. "I don't try to put everything in; I try to leave everything out," he explains, adding impishly, "I never count the feathers in the wings; I just count the wings." Reared on a West Virginia farm he spent most of his life residing in Cincinnati. Charley sadly passed away in 2007. His artwork, his humor and his kind heart will be sorely missed by all whom he has met and touched. Charley Harper had made three personal appearances at The Frame Workshop.
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Serigraphs by Charley Harper - Published by Frame House Gallery
Unless otherwise indicated
ALL Charley Harper artwork on these pages is
SIGNED by the artist and displayed
in Alphabetical order!
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Cool Cardinal
Charley Harper Serigraph

Zero, with a hundred percent probability of precipitation, is cool man, cool, even when you're wearing your red flannels. Air traffic's grounded, feeding station's socked in. You can't stuff your gizzard in a blizzard, so how do you survive? Hunker up and sit it out, rationing your reserves, moderating your metabolism. To put it another way, when there's snow on the roof, how do you keep a fire in the furnace? Cool it, man, cool it. Serigraph - 9 x 21 inches Image Size - 5 x 18 inches Limited Edition of 2000 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1974 Mint condition in original folder with all associated paperwork! - One of Charley's most popular and famous serigraphs.
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Cool Cardinal<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Frog Eat Frog
Charley Harper Serigraph

It's a real jungle out there - frog eat frog. Happens all the time. If you're frognizant, you know that a bullfrog gobbles down anything smaller than himself that moves, including fellow frogs. No matter if it's a neighbor, niece or nephew - even his own kid. Gulp! Gone. So with every predatory palate in the pond and out of it eating high on the frog (everything from eggs to legs), what's the poor polliwog's prospect for survival? It froggles the mind. Serigraph - 18 x 18 inches Image size - 14 x 14 inches Limited Edition /2500 Published by Frame House Gallery Released 1978 Framed version is presented with Nielsen Black Metal Frame (117-21 Matte Black), 8 Ply Black Alphamat and UV filtering Conservation Clear glass.
Frog Eat Frog<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Furred Feeder
Charley Harper Serigraph

Ask a bird lover how he keeps the squirrels off his feeder and you get a lot of expletives deleted. It's instant apoplexy, and understandably so. Americans buy half a million tons of sunflower seeds annually to fill their feeders, and spend the winter trying not to fill the birds with the bushy tails. Every time you outwit them, they retaliate with another creative compromise of the laws of physics. But in our hearts, we all agree: who would want to live in an unsquirreled world? Serigraph - 11-1/4 x 30 inches Image - 7-1/4 x 26 inches Limited Edition of 2500 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1979
Furred Feeder<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Gift Rapt
Charley Harper Serigraph

'Tis the night before the Big Opening, and you hear such a clatter, you run to the window to see what's the matter. It's paws, not Claus, and they didn't come to admire your gift wrapping -- they're all wrapped up in their anticipation of your gifts. This night you'll be more generous than generic (no discounted dogfood): a few fancy cookies, the fruit cake you didn't like anyway, the stale nuts and those fabulous chocolate cookies that would make you sick if you ate all of them. Happy Holidays to the Raccoon Family! Serigraph - 16 x 22 inches Image Size - 12 x 18 inches Limited Edition of 550 Published by Mill Pond Press Released 1992
Gift Rapt<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Fine Feather
Charley Harper Serigraph

Lo, the English Sparrow, weed on the wing, detested as the dandelion, stigmatized like the starling, carried captive to these shores only to be persecuted for prospering and proliferating. Consider his cheery chatter upon the winter wind, his undaunted demeanor in the presence of prejudice, his self- sufficient search for sustenance among his critics' crumbs. Behold an enterprising and successful English sparrow about to feather his nest with the pride of the peacock. Serigraph - 10 x 24 inches Image Size - 7 x 20 inches Limited Edition of 1500 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1974
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Fine Feather<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
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