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Charley Harper

There is more than meets the eye in a Charley Harper Serigraph. In his artwork, the first look may reveal an animal, bird, tree, some color...but then the unique linear patterns and shapes grab you with a special Harper message of some little drama in life taking place right before you. Charles Harper is probably the only wildlife artist in America who has never been compared to Audubon. And never will be. For his is wildlife art without the fuss and feathers - minimal realism, he calls it. "I don't try to put everything in; I try to leave everything out," he explains, adding impishly, "I never count the feathers in the wings; I just count the wings." Reared on a West Virginia farm he spent most of his life residing in Cincinnati. Charley sadly passed away in 2007. His artwork, his humor and his kind heart will be sorely missed by all whom he has met and touched. Charley Harper had made three personal appearances at The Frame Workshop.
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Serigraphs by Charley Harper - Published by Frame House Gallery
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ALL Charley Harper artwork on these pages is
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Shadow Dancers
Charley Harper Serigraph

Can you think of a better name for insects that walk on water? Our ancestors couldn't either, but your field guide calls them water striders. They hike around on the pond all their lives without even getting wet feet, and in shallow water on a sunny day their shadows sink like stones and tag along on the bottom. But who minds a wet shadow? If you had wide-spread, waxy feet that didn't break the surface film, you, too, could walk on water. And be famous for fifteen minutes. The popularity of "Jesus Bugs - Water Striders" issued in 1969 has encouraged Charley Harper to release a sister serigraph image in 2006. (The original Water Strider image retails for $1,200 - 1,600 on the secondary market.) Serigraph - 26-1/8 x 34 inches Image Size - 22-1/8 x 30 inches Limited Edition of 1000 Serigraph by Charles Harper Estate Signed with Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Brett Harper Published by Charley and Edie Harper Art Studio Issued August 2006 $300 + $20 O/S Shipping Surcharge Shipped Flat!
Shadow Dancers<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
The Art of Charley Harper
Retrospective DVD

Released in 2005, "The Art of Charley Harper - A Retrospective View" chronicles Charley's life's works from his childhood, as a soldier stationed in Europe, through his art school years to today. Visit Charlie in his Cincinnati design studio as he showns his illustrations that were created for Procter & Gamble, Ivory, Morton Salt through his Ford Times covers which began in the 1940's. It was the creation of serigraph prints of birds and animal illustrations from the "Ford Times" that took Charley to create illustrations for the National Park Service and eventually to be published in the 1970's by Frame House Gallery. Charley shares with us what prompted many of his beloved paintings and you'll gain insight into the mind of this creative genius. Run time: 1 hour, 12 minutes 2005 Release
The Art of Charley Harper<br>Retrospective DVD
Arctic Circle
Charley Harper Serigraph

It's the Survival Bowl - the Arctic Musk Oxen vs. the Arctic Wolves - and both teams are ready to go out there and do what they have to do. The oxen dudes take the field in their muu-muus and anklets, circle 'round their rookies and woe to the foe that rushes their defensive line. "C'mon, wolf pack! Make yer play! Youse bums rush like glaciers! We'll oxidize youse guys! We'll bury ya in the permafrost, we'll stomp ya unda th' tundra!" How'd it end up? Sudden death in overtime. Serigraph - 21 x 21 inches Image Size - 17 x 17 inches Limited Edition of 500 Published by Frame House Gallery Released 1990 - Artwork valued at $175.00 Custom Framed with metal frame, Triple Archival White Rag matting, Conservation glass ($350.00): Nielsen profile 24 - Brushed Satin Champagne, Triple White Rising Rag mats - 3- 7/8 Inches and Tru-Vue Conservation Clear glass. We currently only have this serigraph available as a framed piece at this time!
Arctic Circle<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Blackberry Jam
Charley Harper Serigraph

Bears and berries, bears and berries - go together like a horse and carriage, invite word play and lure the addicted punster down the primrose path. It gets very beary in the blackberry patch when black bears browse the briary branches bare of - HOLD IT! I'm trying to stop. I'm out of denial into recovery. I like bears as much as anybody - Teddy, Smoky, Pooh, all that crew, but...let's try it again, with class. This time, all bare bones, bear essentials only, and PLEASE - forbearance. Serigraph - 20 x 23 inches Image Size - 16 x 19 inches Limited Edition of 1000 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1984
Blackberry Jam<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Charley Harper Serigraph

It happens every spring. A pair of robins makes the front page by nesting somewhere you'd never believe. OK, so we live in a mobile society, say the sociologists, but a mobile home for birds? You'd expect a barn-swallow to populate your barn, and jenny to wrenovate your clothes- pin bag, but who'd be bird-brained enough to confiscate a skate? But wait. Consider this: put your home on wheels and if you can't get along with the neighbors - migrate. Serigraph - 14 x 17 inches Image Size - 10 x 13 inches Available as a framed item only... Limited Edition of 1000 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1983
Confiskation<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
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