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Art that fits your style, your space!
The Frame Workshop is pleased to a participating retailer of Artaissance, an exciting new way to purchase art.

The Artaissance collection spans the art scene, from traditional landscapes to hip, contemporary abstracts and continually updates its portfolio to keep it fresh and exciting. With thousands of images to choose from, we believe you will find several that speak to you.

With Artaissance, you also have the option to select from canvas or paper to give your artwork just the right appearance. We also understand the importance of having your art in the size you need to fit your unique space. With Artaissance, you can choose the size of the artwork, based on your needs, and Artaissance will keep the sizing proportional.

Artaissance - Prints on Demand - Giclee's on Canvas or Paper
Early Solitude by David Marty David Marty's paintings begin as plein-air studies, working in oil and canvas. "My earlier landscapes were
executed in a tight, almost photo-realistic manner. The turning point began after seeing the work of the French Impressionists in Paris. I was attracted by the brighter colors, softness and spontaneity of their paintings."

Yellow Meets Orange by Soraya Chemaly Soraya Chemaly - My paintings have been heavily influenced by my childhood in the Bahamas, where I was regularly exposed to
Haitian and Caribbean art. The art of Haiti in particular is infused with flowers and plants that take on a life of their own and often representing, in the primitive style, people, gestures, moods and symbols.

Market Treasures by Dale Payson Dale Payson, a long-time New Yorker, attended the School of Visual Arts over a ten-year span in the 1960s. She returned as an instructor in the early 1980s before moving on to freelance work in display design and book illustration. Her work is found in more than twenty-five children's books.
August by A. Pell A. Pell studied classical painting in the European tradition, earning a Master's Degree from the Nicolai Pavlovich Academy of Fine Art
in 1987. He began his artistic career focusing his interest on, and developing his skills by, studying Mediterranean landscapes. In 1990, Pell moved to Canada, where he was newly inspired by the landscapes of North America.
Purple Beauty by Nicole Sloan Nicole Sloan's images are the artifacts of her singular way of softening the world, opening it up, creating an unguarded moment from which she
extracts images of startling clarity and resonance. "I am a very passionate person and I rely on the internal for my photographs."...
Red Bench by Tom Vieth Tom Vieth was born in Davenport, Iowa, in 1957. He received a BA from Dartmouth College, graduating with Highest Distinction Honors in
his major, and attended the School for the Museum of Fine Arts and the University of Iowa's graduate program for fine arts.