Wooden Ornaments from Steinbach and Ulbricht.
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Wooden Ornaments
     From the Erzgebirge region of Germany, known for 
the production of nutcrackers and smokers, come these 
miniature turned wooden ornaments. Many have been 
produced by such well known firms like Ulbricht and 
Steinbach but some have been carefully crafted by 
much smaller home cottage businesses in the Ore 
Mountain region.
Steinbach Ornaments l Ulbricht Ornaments Spansterne Martina Rudolph Müller Ornaments l Graupner Ornaments Blank Natural Faltenrock Angels
Volkskunst aus dem Erzgebirge (Wooden Crafts from the Ore Mountains)
Delicate wood shaved ornaments are created by Spansterne Martina Rudolph, working with layers of Linden wood from Seiffen in the Erzgebirge of Germany. The delicate art of shaving wood into wood chip star ornaments is perfected by Spansterne Martina Rudolph, from the Erzgebirge of Germany.

Ulbricht hand painted wooden ornament – Santa Chalet Cuckoo Clock. This 2011 hand painted Santa Chalet Cuckoo Clock from the Ulbricht factory is just one of over 40 detailed wooden ornaments from this respected German firm.



Steinbach Wooden Ornament - Artist



This Artist Ornament from Christian Steinbach is also a 2004 introduction. These colorful rolly polly ornaments have been a part of the Steinbach collection for many years, depicting almost every occupation and vocation you can imagine.

  Advent Window Arch Ornament from Christian Ulbricht
This Advent Window Arch Ornament from Christian Ulbricht is just another beautifully intricate wooden ornament by this respected German manufacturer. If you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting this region of Germany, you will find these candle arches in every window!
Steinbach Wooden Ornament - Herr Dosselmeyer

This Herr Drosselmeyer Ornament from Christian Steinbach is part of his Nutcracker Suite fantasy collection and also includes the Mouse King, Prince, Klara, Sugar Plum Fairy and Toy Soldier. Each is hand painted and made in Germany.

Ulbricht Wooden Ornament - Christmas Tree

This Christmas Tree Ornament from the workshop of Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht exemplifies the detail that can be found in these miniature works of fine craftsmanship. Candles and kugels adorn this individually boxed wooden ornament.