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Charley Harper

There is more than meets the eye in a Charley Harper Serigraph. In his artwork, the first look may reveal an animal, bird, tree, some color...but then the unique linear patterns and shapes grab you with a special Harper message of some little drama in life taking place right before you. Charles Harper is probably the only wildlife artist in America who has never been compared to Audubon. And never will be. For his is wildlife art without the fuss and feathers - minimal realism, he calls it. "I don't try to put everything in; I try to leave everything out," he explains, adding impishly, "I never count the feathers in the wings; I just count the wings." Reared on a West Virginia farm he spent most of his life residing in Cincinnati. Charley sadly passed away in 2007. His artwork, his humor and his kind heart will be sorely missed by all whom he has met and touched. Charley Harper had made three personal appearances at The Frame Workshop.
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Serigraphs by Charley Harper - Published by Frame House Gallery
Unless otherwise indicated
ALL Charley Harper artwork on these pages is
SIGNED by the artist and displayed
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The Last Sunflower Seed
Charley Harper Artwork

Good cheer is a cardinal virtue. And what is more cheerful than waking up on a snowy morning to find your backyard full of cardinals? With all that red and white, who could be blue? Maybe because it's easier than flocking apart. Or because that's where the vittles are. Is your bird feeder down to the last sunflower seed? Fill it fast - an empty bird feeder is a cardinal sin. Serigraph - 16-1/2 x 21-1/2 inches Image Size - 13 x 18-3/4 inches Limited Edition of 1500 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1973
The Last Sunflower Seed<br>Charley Harper Artwork
Pack Pact
Charley Harper Serigraph

Wolves touch noses, lick faces and wag tails to reaffirm traditional family values, to keep the pack pact -- all for one and one for all -- and to maintain the pack pecking order, headed by the alpha male and/or alpha female. Betas are next in status as it trickles down alphabetically in this extended family circle, through the pampered pups, with their own alpha and beta, to the lowly omega. If you can't make heads or tails of this social dynamic, just think of it as alphabet soup. Serigraph - 21 x 21 inches Image Size - 17 x 17 inches Limited Edition of 550 Published by Mill Pond Press Released 1993
Pack Pact<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Charley Harper Serigraph

You've got to get up mighty early in the morning to outwit a raccoon. And if this is your birdfeeder, you'd better get up early anyway, to refill it. Now you know what's been happening to your sunflower seed between sunset and sunrise -- the masked moonlighter. Maybe you thought the neighborhood owl had turned vegetarian? Or that your squirrels had insommnia? Or that the starlings had started a night shift? Not so. It's just another example of good ol' Ameraccoongenuity. Serigraph - 12 x 30 inches Image Size - 8 x 26 inches Limited Edition of 1000 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1983 Available Framed ONLY - Triple matted with float and Nielson metal frame to Conservation/Preservation standards. Frame Size: 15-5/8 x 33-3/4 inches
Raccsnack<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Racc n' Ruin
Charley Harper Serigraph

A pet raccoon is a bundle of fun. Ransacked drawers, unstuffed sofas, shredded curtains, emptied purses, unplugged appliances, peeled wallpaper, dumped sugar bowls, spilled honey - fun like that. Raccoons can turn door knobs, undo latches, pry open windows, uncap bottles, pull corks, turn on water faucets- and forget to turn them off. They are notorious for breaking and entering-your home and your heart. Serigraph - 21 x 25 inches Image Size - 12 x 16 inches Limited Edition of 1500 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1981
Racc n' Ruin<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Squirrel in a Squall
Charley Harper Serigraph

Fall is the busy season for a squirrel as the nut glut hits: he eats enough to put on his thermal underwear of fat and buries the rest: pig out now, dig out later. When October turns suddenly soggy, no problem. He never leaves home without his umbrella, which is also his sunshade, his banner, his parachute, his rudder and his stabilizer for death-defying aerial acts. If he forgets where he puts the nuts when snow falls, don't worry -- he never forgets where you put your bird feeder. Serigraph - 16 x 16 inches Image Size - 13 x 13 inches Limited Edition of 1000 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released September 1983
Squirrel in a Squall<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
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