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German Smokers
Räuchermännchen or Smoking men - These incense burners have been created in the Erzgebirge region of Germany since 1856. Since the earliest designs, German craftsman today still produce smokers as forestry workers, miners, chimney-sweeps, mailmen, bird watchers and other different folk. Our smokers are categorized by German manufacturer...
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Dregeno - Müller - Richard Glässer

The home of the first smoking man was Heidelberg, a small village near Seiffen in the Erzgebirge. By word of mouth, it is known that Ferdinand Frohs and his nephew Gotthelf Friedrich Haustein produced the first smoking man in 1856.

KNOX Incense Cones for Smoking Men

Gentleman Farmer Smoker from Erzgeibirge This Gentleman Farmer is one of our favorite smoker designs with his carved waist coat and chickens abound!
KWO Wine Maker Smoker Our Wine Maker Smoker was created by the renowned German firm of KWO - Kunstgewerbe - Werkstätten Olbernhau.
Christian Ulbricht Natural Santa with Sleigh Smoker Christian Ulbricht's smokers include this Natural wood finished Santa with Sleigh. These popular smokers from Ulbricht include some of our most popular. Richly decorated and the finest of German manufacturers.   This little Ulbricht smoking figure depicts a small sweep dressed in black.

Small Chimney Sweep - This little Ulbricht smoking figure depicts a small sweep dressed in black. How much luck do you need? Seeing a chimney sweep bring will bring you luck, while if one touches you and leaves some soot on your clothing, that is considered the epitome of good fortune!


Pirate Smoker This daring Pirate Smoker
is just one of "Die Kleinen Pfeifenraucher", or small pipe smokers made in Venusberg by the respected firm, Franz Karl GmbH.
  Steinbach Herr Drosselmeyer Smoker Herr Drosselmeyer is a Steinbach smoker who watches the dancing Prince battle the Mouse King. Limited Edition
Made in Germany.