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Charley Harper

There is more than meets the eye in a Charley Harper Serigraph. In his artwork, the first look may reveal an animal, bird, tree, some color...but then the unique linear patterns and shapes grab you with a special Harper message of some little drama in life taking place right before you. Charles Harper is probably the only wildlife artist in America who has never been compared to Audubon. And never will be. For his is wildlife art without the fuss and feathers - minimal realism, he calls it. "I don't try to put everything in; I try to leave everything out," he explains, adding impishly, "I never count the feathers in the wings; I just count the wings." Reared on a West Virginia farm he spent most of his life residing in Cincinnati. Charley sadly passed away in 2007. His artwork, his humor and his kind heart will be sorely missed by all whom he has met and touched. Charley Harper had made three personal appearances at The Frame Workshop.
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Serigraphs by Charley Harper - Published by Frame House Gallery
Unless otherwise indicated
ALL Charley Harper artwork on these pages is
SIGNED by the artist and displayed
in Alphabetical order!
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Big Rac Attack
Charley Harper Serigraph

Better be on the lookout when you cook out. Let that burger aroma roam around the neighborhood and you're inviting a Big Rac Attack. And can you blame them? Raccoons eat out all the time and - well, wouldn't you welcome a nice home-cooked meal now and then? But did you buy enough burger to feed this raccpack? What happens when you're down to the last patty? Serve the dog food. The cat food. Table scraps. Then let nature take it's course - survival of the fattest. Serigraph - 17 x 27 inches Image Size - 13-1/4 x 22-1/2 inches Limited Edition of 1000 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released July 1988
Big Rac Attack<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Charley Harper Serigraph

It happens every spring. A pair of robbins makes the front page by nesting somewhere you'd never believe. OK, so we live in a mobile society, say the sociologists, but a mobile home for birds? You'd expect a barnswallow to populate your barn, and jenny to wrenovate your clothes- pin bag, but who'd be bird-brained enough to confiscate a skate? But wait. Consider this: put your home on wheels and if you can't get along with the neighbors - migrate. Serigraph - 14 x 17 inches Image Size - 10 x 13 inches Limited Edition of 1000 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1983
Confiskation<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Charley Harper Serigraph

A raccoon can eat his weight in roastin' ears and the more he eats the more he weight, and the more he weighs...well you see what I mean. Watch for him on those warm summer nights when the kernel swells the husk and the gardener dreams of feasts forthcoming by moon-light, raccoon on the cob. Come morning, hear the gardener mutter, "Nothin' left but th'fodder." But, aw shucks, ain't he a cute little fritter? Serigraph - 17 x 19 inches Image Size - 14 x 15 inches Limited Edition of 2500 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1976
Cornprone<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Cool Cardinal
Charley Harper Serigraph

Zero, with a hundred percent probability of precipitation, is cool man, cool, even when you're wearing your red flannels. Air traffic's grounded, feeding station's socked in. You can't stuff your gizzard in a blizzard, so how do you survive? Hunker up and sit it out, rationing your reserves, moderating your metabolism. To put it another way, when there's snow on the roof, how do you keep a fire in the furnace? Cool it, man, cool it. Serigraph - 9 x 21 inches Image Size - 5 x 18 inches Limited Edition of 2000 Published by Frame House Gallery, Released 1974 Mint condition in original folder with all associated paperwork! - One of Charley's most popular and famous serigraphs.
Cool Cardinal<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
Fearless Feathers
Charley Harper Serigraph

Feather for feather, the hummingbird is the fiercest, fastest, feistiest flyer in the firmanment. Forget the hawk, the owl, the eagle -- this flyweight will zing anything on wing that violates his airspace. Straight up or down, sideways and backward he zips, hovering for frequent refueling of high-octane nectar. Courting, he throws caution to the wind and barnstorms up a circus to seduce his significant other. With all that macho, his natural enemies are few -- except for picture windows. Serigraph - 26-1/2 x 19-5/8 inches Image - 23 x 16 inches Limited Editon of 1000 - Artist Proof Signed by Charley Harper Published by Frame House Gallery, Released May 1987
Fearless Feathers<br>Charley Harper Serigraph
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