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Inge-glas® Manufaktur - German Glass Ornaments
Authentic mouth-blown & hand-painted German Christmas Ornaments exclusively with The Star Crown. It is a guarantee for the customer and collector that this ornament is produced in a centuries old tradition in the family workshops of Inge-glas® of Germany. Since 1987, collectors have identified the "star cap" as a symbol of authentic Inge-glas® craftsmanship, as well as German tradition and quality. The Inge-glas® ornaments shown on these pages were released since 2001 and produced in the Inge-glas workshops in Neustadt, near Coburg, Germany.
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Legendary Pickle Ornament
Inge-glas of Germany
Legendary Pickle Ornament<br>Inge-glas of Germany
A pickle used as an ornament on the 
Christmas tree seems odd at first, but this 
is an old German tradition.

When decorating the Christmas tree, it was 
a practice to hang the pickle ornament 
last, hidden among the twigs.  The first 
child on Christmas Eve to find the Christmas 
pickle ornament would receive an extra gift.

Made in Germany by Inge-glas ®
4-1/4 inches - 11,0 cm

Although many people are aware of the 
tradition of the Christmas Pickle, few know 
the legend behind the tradition.

This is the largest of three pickle 
made by Inge-glas of Germany.

Obviously, the older the child, the smaller 
the pickle size!  We offer the pickle 
ornament in three different sizes, of which 
this is the largest!
Currently Out of Stock! Please check back in August 2019 One Remaining in stock
  Price    $11.25
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