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Glass Ornaments > Inge-glas > Baby's First Xmas
A number of delightful ornaments and gifts sets have been created to celebrate 
the arrival of a new baby in the home.  Nothing is more delightful than Christmas 
with the gift of a newborn.

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Baby Wrap - Asst
Newborn Ornament

Baby's Christmas
Nothing says newborn than a little bundle wrapped snug in a swaddling blanket. These little precious babies are adorned with blue or pink caps and matching pacifiers. Made in Neustadt, Bavaria, Germany by Inge-glas® Manufaktur 2019 Introduction 3 inches - 7,5 cm
In Stock! - Available for Immediate Shipment
Baby Wrap - Asst<br>Newborn Ornament
First Holiday
Vintage Inge-glas Ornament

Oh Baby!
This vintage ornament mould has been reborn for this new 2016 ornament design to celebrate a Baby's First Christmas! Made in Neustadt, Bavaria by Inge-glas® of Germany 2016 Introduction 2-3/4 inches - 7,0 cm
First Holiday<br>Vintage Inge-glas Ornament
Precious Moments Asst
Babys First Shoe Ornament

Baby's Christmas
Little colorful shoes that seldom see the soles worn from walking but sometimes the toes are scuffed from crawling as new infants. Available in Blue or Pink! Made in Neustadt, Bavaria, Germany by Inge-glas® Manufaktur 2019 Introduction 3-1/4 inches - 8,0 cm
In Stock! - Available for Immediate Shipment
Precious Moments Asst<br>Babys First Shoe Ornament
Precious Steps - Blue
Inge-glas l Swarovski

Oh Baby!
This new addition for 2009 added to the "Christmas Jeweled" collection of ornaments designed by Inge-glas® and adorned with Swarovski crystals throughout the ornament. Made in Neustadt, Bavaria by Inge-glas® of Germany 2009 Introduction 3-1/2 inches - 9,0 cm
Precious Steps - Blue<br> Inge-glas l Swarovski
It's a Girl! - Gift Box
Set of 3 Ornaments

The most important first Christmas is remembered with an heirloom gift, Inge-Glas® of Germany's exclusive "It's a Girl!" . This alternative set of 3 ornaments was created in 2015 to celebrate the joy of having a little baby girl. The keepsake gift box set of three mouth blown and hand painted ornaments, includes a Pink booty, a small footprint and a pink Teddy bear along with a gift card. 2015 Introduction Packed in a premium magnetic gift box Made in Germany at the Inge-glas® Workshop 3-1/4 to 3-3/4 inches - 8,0 to 9,5 cm
It's a Girl! - Gift Box<br> Set of 3 Ornaments
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