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Inge-glas® Bell Ornaments
Bells have been used for centuries in America and Europe to help ring in the Christmas season. One German custom dictates that on Christmas Day no child may enter the room with the Christmas tree until the bells of Christmas ring.
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IG10 150 s024
Forest Sound - Bell
2024 Inge-glas Ornament

Warm Autumn Day
Autumn colors have always played a major role in the selection of elegant mouth blown ornaments from the artisans at Inge- glas. And of course Bells have a traditional symbolism of ringing in the joy, happiness of a celebration. This new ornament design fulfills both of those areas in richness and elegance... Made in Neustadt, Bavaria, Germany by Inge-glas® Manufaktur 2024 Introduction 3 inches -7,5cm
Preview Only... Not available until 31 July 2024 Any order placed now will be shipped in August...
Forest Sound - Bell<br>2024 Inge-glas Ornament
IG10 107 s014
Merry Bell - Decorated
Christmas Bell

Inge-glas has produced the most beautiful bell ornaments, and this 2014 re-introduction is no exception....this decorated Christmas Bell was originally a 2005 ornament design. Click on image to enlarge! This design replaces IG1-143-02 - Cheerful Christmas Bell - now retired! 2014 Re-Introduction - 2005 Ornament Made in Germany at the Inge-glas® Workshop 3-1/4 inches - 8,0 cm
Merry Bell - Decorated<br>Christmas Bell
IG21 251 t060
Delights InkaGold Bell
Shimmering Leaves

Classic Gold
Inge-glas has introduced new bell ornaments over the years, and several in this hand-painted shimmering leaves pattern. This one is unique with bright gold and champagne accents throughout the pattern. 2023 Introduction Made in Germany at the Inge-glas® Workshop 2-5/8 inches - 6,5 cm
Delights InkaGold Bell<br>Shimmering Leaves
IG20 100 t061
Golden Melody - Bell
Shimmering Leaves Gold

Inge-glas has introduced several new bell ornaments in 2008 including this gold on gold colored design - perfect for a golden anniversary gift! 2008 Intro IG1-194-08 - 2015 Alternative Made in Germany at the Inge-glas® Workshop 3-1/4 inches - 8,3 cm
ONLY one ornament remains of this now retired design!
Golden Melody - Bell<br>Shimmering Leaves Gold
IG20 084 txxx
Crimson Melody - Bell
Shimmering Leaves Red

Traditional Red
Inge-glas first introduced this red shimmering leaves bell ornament in 2008 as a crimson colored design - perfect to celebrate the holidays! The rich colors will stand out on any evergreen tree. 2008 Introduction (1-195-08) 2015 re-introduction Made in Germany at the Inge-glas® Workshop Now available in two sizes: Small & Large Small: 2-3/8 inches - 6,2 cm Large: 3-1/4 inches - 8,5 cm (pictured)
Crimson Melody - Bell<br>Shimmering Leaves Red
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