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German Smokers

Räuchermännchen or Smoking men - These incense
burners have been created in the Erzgebirge region of 
Germany since 1856.  Since the earliest designs,
German craftsman today still produce smokers as 
forestry workers, miners, chimney-sweeps, mailmen, 
bird watchers and other different folk.  Our smokers 
are categorized by German manufacturer...
Ulbricht Smokers l KWO Smokers
Steinbach Smokers l Franz Karl Smokers
Dregeno - Müller - Richard Glässer
The home of the first smoking man was Heidelberg, a small village near Seiffen in the Erzgebirge. By word of mouth, it is known that Ferdinand Frohs and his nephew Gotthelf Friedrich Haustein produced the first smoking man in 1856.
KNOX Incense Cones for Smoking Men

2020 Ulbricht Smoker
Golfer<br>2020 Ulbricht Smoker
The little golfer holds his club in a very sporty fashion. 
This golfer smoker is in his element on the green lawn of 
the golf course.  After the tournament we'll give him a 

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Made in Germany by 
Christian Ulbricht GmbH
2020 Introduction
7-7/8 Inches - 20,0 cm
  Price    $109.00
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Knox Incense Cones
Boxes of 24 Cones Each

Knox Incense Cones for Smokers 3-5-10 Boxes... 24 Count/Box - Individual cones measure approximately 1-1/16 inches - 2,7 cm Variety of Scents Available: (Specify your preference in the comments section of the shopping cart - We'll do our best to match your request, but substitute if your first choice is not available.) 15 Scents are usually Available: Pine, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Caffè Latte, Patchouli, Baked Apple, Chocolate, Marzipan, Almond, Orange, Glühwein & Christmas.

Knox Incense Cones<br>Boxes of 24 Cones Each
Innkeeper - Natural
2018 Ulbricht Smoker

This natural wood-toned, soft capped fellow is the boss and the staff rolled into one... the Innkeeper, who does the cooking, serving and the books! He serves some pork and dumplings along with a couple of mugs of German lager.... who can resist that sort of comfort food? Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 9-1/4 Inches - 23,5 cm

Innkeeper - Natural<br>2018 Ulbricht Smoker
Natural Baker
Ulbricht Smoker

Now this little "puddled pants" Baker is presenting you with a sweet message that he love loves you in German as decorated on his large gingerbread heart! He plays the role well with his tall baker's hat and rolling pin in his left hand. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 8-1/42 Inches - 21,0 cm

Natural Baker<br>Ulbricht Smoker
Frog Lily Pad Flower
2021 Ulbricht Smoker

You can hear our frog from afar. He likes to whistle a happy song all day long. He prefers to decorate his pond. He has already found the next water lily. He proudly carries her home. Click on Image to Enlarge - See the Detail! Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2021 Introduction 5-1/2 Inches - 14,0 cm

Frog Lily Pad Flower<br>2021 Ulbricht Smoker
KWO Chubby Smoker

This farmer sincerely looks like he really enjoys his in one hand, a small pig at his feet and a basket full of vegetables. Of course this smart farmer wears a broad straw hat to keep out the sun. Made in Germany by KWO Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten Olbernhau GmbH 2021 Additon 8-1/4 Inches - 21,0 cm

Farmer<br>KWO Chubby Smoker
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