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Floreat Hangers from Germany - Current Status
Author: John Ranes II, CPF, GCF June/06/22

As you may know, The Frame Workshop started importing the well respected Floreat brand of hangers from Germany in the Summer of 2021.

We made this decision, as we lost the key U.S. distributor, Ziabicki Imports who vanished and had been the long time supplier for many of us for many years.

We will keep this page current with the latest status so that you may know when to expect an order placed on our website. (please continue below)...

Floreat Hangers always include nails with the picture hooks!
Available in 5 sizes: 75lb, 50lb, 30lb, 20lb, and 10lb.

Good News -- Our current shipment has arrived this week. We will be packaging and shipping out as many orders as possible during the next 7-10 days. Look for a UPS tracking number email if you have an in=house order...

Our current shipment is supposed to leave Germany this week! (Ordered back in March-April)...hopefully in our hands before month's end!

We have ordered another large order for shipment in December-January!

- UPDATED INFORMATION - 24 JUNE 2022 - The Floreat manufacturer informed us 24 hours ago that the machinery they use for NAIL production is down for servicing and that this could take up to 10 weeks! This is not good news for all of you who are waiting and have in-house orders.

Rest assured that when Germany ships, we will take care of you all, but that sadly, this issue is beyond our control.

- UPDATED INFORMATION - 5 JUNE 2022 - Importing from Germany is currently taking about 8-10 weeks to deliver as these hooks and nails are ONLY made to order.

We process all orders as received, so your order is placed in the queue and will be packaged and shipped as inventory is received. We have been "playing catch-up" with our inventory, as folks have discovered that we are a viable source for these hangers now...

What is the status of My Order?

- We have currently fulfilled almost all orders received in Nov-December with our most recent shipments which arrived on March 10th and May 4th 2022...

- GOOD NEWS is that the April shipment arrived ab out 4 May, but the BAD NEW is that 4 of the 7 cartons were missing (FedEx - Customs??) - No 20 or 30 pound hangers were received, and we are waiting on these to be found! :-( We have shipped out multiple orders depleting all but some 75# hangers.

- Our NEXT shipment should put us in a positive inventory situation, moving forward... Scheduled to depart Germany on 6/12/2022...and hopefully those 20 and 30 pounds hangers will show up soon!

- We appreciate your patience and ship out to customers as ordered... When your items are shipped you will receive a UPS tracking notification...

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