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Several years ago, Christian introduced his "natural" look in nutcrackers 
and they have been received with such enthusiasm, that we have created a 
special section to showcase them  all together.

Made in his Seiffen factory in Saxony as well as his Lauingin factory in Bavaria, 
these nutcrackers have minimal color, showing mostly natural wood tones.  Their 
richness fits nicely in the clean designs of many American homes today.

You will find our Ulbricht nutcrackers organized within these twelve groups...

NEW 2021 Ulbricht Nutcrackers l Ulbricht Natural Nutcrackers Classic Ulbricht Nutcrackers l Limited Edition Ulbricht Nutcrackers Ulbricht's Nutcracker Ballet l Tour Birds l Ulbricht Santa Nutcrackers Small Ulbricht Nutcrackers l A Christmas Carol Nutcrackers by Ulbricht Very Large Ulbricht Nutcrackers l Nutcracker Replacement Parts Retired - Rare & Vintage Ulbricht Nutcrackers
Christian Ulbricht has also produced a few natural smokers which you'll find here... Natural Smokers.
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Large Toy Trader
Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker

Toy Traders or Toy Sellers were special people who could create excitement in the eyes of children of all ages... what do they have to show that is new, bright and delightful? This full sized nutcracker is decked out in top hat and suit, carrying toys of every type! Attention to detail is a trade mark of each nutcracker from Ulbricht including these traditional classic, wood-turned wonders. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht Classic Collection - Natural wood finish 2016 Introduction 16 inches - 40,5 cm
Sorry - Currently Out of Stock! Please check back in Spring/Summer 2022...
Large Toy Trader<br>Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker
Cuckoo Clockmaker
Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker

The German craft of making cuckoo clocks has been respectfully represented by this rich nutcracker from Christian Ulbricht's Natural series. He holds in his arms a genuine 5 Leaf Black Forest Cuckoo Clock - Yes it actually works! This nutcracker was produced in Christian Ulbricht's Lauingen, Bavaria factory. Made in Germany by Holtzkunst Christian Ulbricht 2004 Introduction 16-1/2 inches - 42,0 cm
Cuckoo Clockmaker<br> Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker
Classic Drummer
Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker

From Ulbricht's Seiffen workshop comes this handsome and detailed drummer. This 2002 design compliments his "Natural Series" of fine nutcrackers and smokers. Made in Germany 2002 Introduction 15 inches - 38,0 cm
Sorry - Currently Out of Stock! Please check back in Spring/Summer 2022...
Classic Drummer<br> Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker
Santa & Gifts
Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker

Part of the hugely popular Naturals by Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht GmbH, this Santa finished in earth tones of fabric and wood sports an evergreen sprig in one hand and bag of gifts in the other. Attention to detail is a trade mark of each limited edition nutcracker from Ulbricht! Made in Germany by Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht Limited Edition of 1,000 2015 Introduction 15-3/4 inches - 40,0 cm
Mfrs suggested retail price: $329.00
Santa & Gifts<br>Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker
Classic Bavarian
Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker

Manufactured in Christian Ulbricht's Seiffen workshop is this wonderful Bavarian, part of his "Natural Series" of fine nutcrackers and smokers. Made in Germany Released 2003 15 inches - 38,0 cm
Classic Bavarian<br> Natural Ulbricht Nutcracker
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