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Steinbach Nutcrackers

For most of two centuries the Steinbach family has been producing fine wood products: nutcrackers, smokers and ornaments. Today, Karla Steinbach heads the operation carrying on this family tradition since the passing away of her father, Herr Christian Steinbach on 26 February 2007. Karla Steinbach is the sixth generation to head the company that Christian made world famous since 1947. She oversees product development and quality control at the Steinbach factory located in Hohenhameln in the northern region of Germany. View additional Steinbach Nutcrackers Steinbach's 2017 Nutcracker Introductions Steinbach Chubbys l Steinbach Christmas Legends Series Christmas Carol Series l Twelve Days of Christmas Series Steinbach Christmas Traditions Series l Steinbach Horror Series Steinbach Nutcracker Suite Series l Steinbach North Pole Series The Night Before Christmas Series l Steinbach Replacement Parts
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WWI 100th Anniversary
Aviator 2014 Nutcracker

Famous Legends
2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of the being of World War I and the first appearance of the airplane in combat. Although not majorly significant from a military standpoint, the romance of these early flying pioneers lives on... Base is illustrated in green, but is actually manufactured in wood tones with metal name plate. This piece is so much more dramatic than the pictures show! Limited Edition of 5,000 pieces 16-1/2 inches - 42,0 cm 2014 Introduction Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach, GmbH
Sorry - Only Available Unsigned!
WWI 100th Anniversary<br>Aviator 2014 Nutcracker
Pope Francis I
2014 Steinbach Nutcracker

This Nutcracker depicts Pope Francis I and is a new 2014 release from Steinbach. The first Pope of the Americas Jorge Mario Bergoglio hails from Argentina. The 76-year- old Jesuit Archbishop of Buenos Aires is a prominent figure throughout the continent, yet remains a simple pastor who is deeply loved by his diocese, throughout which he has travelled extensively on the underground and by bus during the 15 years of his episcopal ministry. Read more about Pope Francis. 18 inches - 46,0 cm Limited Edition of 5,000 pieces 2014 Introduction Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach, GmbH
Pope Francis I<br> 2014 Steinbach Nutcracker
German King - Steinbach
Junior Nutcracker

Although known for his most fancy of nutcrackers, this 2003 introduction from Christian Steinbach is a very traditional nutcracker in every form. The German King stands at 14 inches - A great value for a Steinbach nutcracker! Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach GmbH 2003 Introduction - Junior 14 Inches - 35,5 cm
Signed by Karla Steinbach!
German King - Steinbach<br>Junior Nutcracker
Father Frost - Tree Santa
Steinbach Nutcracker

Father Frost - Tree Santa
Number Three in this tiered Tree Santa Series by Steinbach, 17 inches - 43,0 cm Introduced 2010 Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach, GmbH
Signed by Karla Steinbach!
Father Frost - Tree Santa<br> Steinbach Nutcracker
Chimney Sweep
Steinbach Nutcracker

Chimney Sweeps are considered good luck in Germany - Seeing one on the street or at work on a roof is good luck, but having one brush soot against you is a "sign" of really great fortune! Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach, GmbH 15-1/2 inches - 39,3 cm
Signed by Karla Steinbach!
Chimney Sweep<br> Steinbach Nutcracker
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