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Steinbach Nutcrackers

For most of two centuries the Steinbach family has been producing fine wood products: nutcrackers, smokers and ornaments. Through 2007 under Christian Steinbach, and through 2015 Karla Steinbach. Today, Herr Ricco Paul who heads the operation carrying on this great name and tradition. It was Christian & Karla Steinbach that made the company world famous since 1947. Today, the new ownership works from one of the original factories in Marienberg, Saxony. Herr Ricco Paul oversees product development and quality control at the Steinbach factory located in the Erzgebirge region of Germany. View additional classic Steinbach Nutcrackers Steinbach's 2018 Nutcracker Introductions American Santa Series l Steinbach Christmas Legends Series Christmas Carol Series l Twelve Days of Christmas Series Disney ® Mickey Mouse Series l International Snowman Series Steinbach Christmas Traditions Series l Steinbach Horror Series Steinbach Nutcracker Suite Series l Steinbach North Pole Series The Night Before Christmas Series l Steinbach Warriors Series Songs of the Season Series l Steinbach Chubby Nutcrackers Steinbach Replacement Parts
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August the Strong - Steinbach
Saxon Coffee King

The Saxony King, "August The Strong" was perhaps the first collector in Germany. He was inspired from China porcelain and he collected Dollhouses with gemstones - all in miniature. An alchemist promised to make gold and August the Strong gave him the order to make gold. What he produced instead was the famous "white gold" - the porcelain. At first they used it to drink Chocolate, but Coffee followed and in Saxony ever since ever then more then anywhere in Germany. They preferred that it was not brewed very strong and on the inside of the cup there were flowers painted so you could see the flowers thru the coffee - this is where the name "Blümchenkaffee" originates. One may visit this old collection in the "Grüne Gewölbe" in Dresden - unbelievable. In Meissen exists still to this day, the manufacturer, now owned by the government. 16 inches - 41,0 cm Introduced 2011 Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach, GmbH Signed by Karla Steinbach!
August the Strong - Steinbach<br>Saxon Coffee King
WWI Anniversary
Aviator Steinbach Nutcracker

Famous Legends
2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of the being of World War I and the first appearance of the airplane in combat. Although not majorly significant from a military standpoint, the romance of these early flying pioneers lives on... Base is illustrated in green, but is actually manufactured in wood tones with metal name plate. This piece is so much more dramatic than the pictures show! Limited Edition of 5,000 pieces 16-1/2 inches - 42,0 cm 2014 Introduction Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach, GmbH
WWI Anniversary<br>Aviator Steinbach Nutcracker
Hamlet Prince of Denmark
Steinbach Nutcracker

This exclusive Steinbach nutcracker joins William Shakespeare, himself in this series introduced in 2005. Second in the Shakespeare Series Limited Edition of 5,500 pieces 17 inches - 43,2 cm Introduced 2007 Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach, GmbH
Signed by Karla Steinbach!
Hamlet Prince of Denmark<br> Steinbach Nutcracker
Titanic Capt Smith
Steinbach 100th Anniversary

Historical Figures
On this, the 100th Anniversary of the maiden voyage of this largest of all steam ships, Captain Smith took the position behind the wheel - One last trip before retirement. The four stacked steamer sits upon icebergs on this 2012 Limited Edition nutcracker design by Steinbach. Limited Edition of 5,000 pieces 17-1/2 inches - 44,5 cm Introduced 2012 Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach, GmbH
Signed by Karla Steinbach!
Titanic Capt Smith<br>Steinbach 100th Anniversary
King's Treasurer
2003 Steinbach Collectors Club

"KSA Collector's Club Series"
Guarding a chest of valuables and with his financial ledger in hand, this King's Treasurer is decked out in rich robes declaring that he is of the Kings Court. He was the 8th release in the Steinbach Collector's Club series that ran from 1996 to 2005. Limited Edition of 5,000 pieces 17 inches - 43,0 cm 2003 Introduction - 8th in the KSA Collector's Club Series Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach, GmbH Signed by Karla Steinbach! or Signed by Christian Steinbach!
King's Treasurer<br>2003 Steinbach Collectors Club
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