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Life Touch by Inge-glas
Author: John Ranes II, CPF, GCF March/09/09
Life Touch
Inge-glas® introduces another amazing developement in 2009, adding to
their colorful 400 year family history of German glass blowers, a new and innovative painting technique known as Life Touch.

With precise and meticulous detail, skillfully trained Inge-glas master artists apply ultra fine feather stokes revealing delicate life touches to enhance their uniquely beautiful Christmas ornaments...

Soft facial colors are first applied to the ornament at the Inge-glas factory in Neustadt. The artists then handpaint the pupil and eyelids to each face of every ornament.
Soft facial colors are first applied to the ornament.
With precise detail, the pupil and eyelids are painted.
A fine brush is used to apply the lip color. Delicate emphasis is used to accent the eyebrows and nose!
Lip color is applied with fine brush strokes.
Delicate emphasis is placed on eyebrows and nose.
With the final touches to the eyes, the exprssion comes to life!

Developed by Birgit Mueller-Blech, this new technique has been applied to many of the new 2009 Inge-glas ornament releases as well as a number of the older designs within the collection.

* * * * * *
We hope to bring one of the master painters to The Frame Workshop in 2009 during a U.S. Artisan Tour - Look for details to follow.

Meanwhile, please examine the 2009 Life Touch Ornaments by Inge-glas®

With the final touch, the facial expression comes to life!
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