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How Ulbricht Nutcrackers & Smokers are made
Author: Gunther Ulbricht & John Ranes October/17/05

This short video shows in detail how nutcrackers are made in the Ulbricht factories in Germany. It first aired on TV in the U.S. in 2010 on the "How It's Made" series on Discovery Channel.

Carefully selected kiln dried wood waits for the milling process at the Ulbricht factories.
At the firm Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht woodcrafted nutcrackers, smokers and other delightful wooden creations begin as simple planks of timber.

Carefully selected, all start out from thoroughly kiln dried wood at both the factory in Lauingen, Bavaria and Seiffen in the Erzgebirge, Germany.

Wood turning on the lathe can be traced back to the miners of Seiffen for whom this was a hobby centuries ago.

Each craftsman uses a variety of knives for each desired cut into the wood.

Wood turning on lathes is passed down from generation to generation.

Christian Ulbricht operates a lathe at the factory in Lauingen.
The art of wood turning demands skill and patience.
Christian Ulbricht himself on a lathe.
Hand painting small pieces prior to assembly at the Ulbricht factory.

The traditions of colors used, and techniques of application, have been handed down for generations, but because each piece is handpainted there are no two exactly alike!

Painting details on Snowman Head

Careful attention to detail results in the charm of a finished piece as can be seen as this lady works with the small components to a smoker (Incense burner).

Small components are assembled on this Ulbricht smoker.
fur beards are added along with fabric coats to complete these Santa nutcrackers at the Ulbricht factory.

These Santa nutcrackers come to life, when the beard and fur-trimmed caps are added and glued into postion.

Many of the steps involved are still painstakingly hand done!

The final finishing touches are added to these snowmen smokers. The last steps are equally important to the overall look of all creations from Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht

Patience and an eye for detail are essential as the finishing touches are made to these Snowmen smokers at the Ulbricht factory in Bavaria.
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