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Christian Ulbricht smokers or incense burners are produced at both their Seiffen 
factory in the Erzgebirge region of Germany, and also at their Lauingen factory 
in Bavaria.

Below you'll find smokers or smoking men as small as five inches, some that 
make wonderful centerpieces and others that are entirely natural in finish a
and traditional in appearance.  They all are made to the exacting quality from 
the firm Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht
Ulbricht Smokers l Ulbricht's Natural Smokers New 2020 Ulbricht Smokers l Ulbricht Miniature Smokers Genuine German KNOX Incense Cones
Incense Cones
for Ulbricht Smokers
Incense Cones<br> for Ulbricht Smokers
Knox Incense Cones for Smokers

24 Count - Individual cones measure approximately 1-1/16 
inches - 2,7 cm

Variety of Scents Available: (Specify your preference - 
We'll substitute if your first choice is not available.)

15 Scents are usually Available:  Pine, Myrrh, Sandalwood, 
Vanilla, Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Caffè Latte, Patchouli, 
Baked Apple, Chocolate, Marzipan, Almond, Orange, Glühwein & 

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Green Santa & Bell
Large Ulbricht Smoker

This large Round Santa is wearing Green and Beige, but has the most elegant brocaded Green hat as well. He holds a bag of gifts and rings a bell so that all the children know that he is near! Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2017 Introduction 5-7/8 Inches - 15,0 cm
Sorry - Currently Out of Stock! Please check back next year 2021...
Green Santa & Bell<br>Large Ulbricht Smoker
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Now this stout fellow is obviously getting into Oktoberfest with sincerity. He holds a liter of beer and a large pretzel to enjoy with his mug of suds. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2015 Introduction 7 Inches - 17,5 cm
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Now this jolly old soul holds a small snowman in one hand, and a decorated sled in his other hand - which gift would you like? This smoker design by Ulbricht was hand made in their Bavarian factory in Lauingen. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2014 Introduction - 2015 Addition 6-1/8 Inches - 15,5 cm
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Now if you live in Wisconsin, you can surely relate to this fellow.... well Minnesota, Michigan, New Hampshire, Massachusetts - wherever that pretty white Wintry stuff accumulates to the degree that removal becomes a chore! This fellow is certainly content in his work. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2015 Introduction 7 Inches - 17,5 cm
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Juggling Clown
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We know that clowns do sometime freak people out, but you have to admit this little "puddled pants" clown is quite cute! Dressed the part and he manages to keep three balls in the air. Like most smokers he comes apart at the waist for the incense to be inserted within. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 7-5/8 Inches - 19,5 cm
Juggling Clown<br>Ulbricht Smoker
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