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Christian Ulbricht smokers or Räuchermänner are produced at both their Seiffen 
factory in the Erzgebirge region of Germany, and also at their Lauingen factory 
in Bavaria.

Below you'll find smokers or smoking men as small as five inches, some that 
make wonderful centerpieces and others that are entirely natural in finish
and traditional in appearance.  They all are made to the exacting quality from 
the firm Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht
Ulbricht Smokers l Ulbricht's Natural Smokers New 2018 Ulbricht Smokers l Ulbricht Miniature Smokers Genuine German KNOX Incense Cones
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Innkeeper - Classic
2018 Ulbricht Smoker

This natural wood-toned, soft capped fellow is the boss and the staff rolled into one... the Innkeeper, who does the cooking, serving and the books! He serves some pork and dumplings along with a couple of mugs of German lager.... who can resist that sort of comfort food? Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 9-1/4 Inches - 23,5 cm
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Innkeeper - Classic<br>2018 Ulbricht Smoker
Winter Day - Small
Natural Ulbricht Smoker

Let's see... scarf, hat, blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate and this little fellow is indeed set for a Winter's Day! He even has some cookies to go along with that cuppa. These miniature sized smokers use the smaller sized Knox Incense. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 10-7/8 Inches - 27,5 cm
New Release
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Winter Day - Small<br>Natural Ulbricht Smoker
Night Watchman Blue
Ulbricht Classic Smoker

People could always rest at night when this fellow was on duty within the city walls, making sure that no one was up to trouble while the townsfolk slept. This classic tall & slightly hunched smoker is a design that has stood the test of time as well and dates from many years ago within the Ore Mountain region of Germany. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 10-5/8 Inches - 27,0 cm
New Release - Now in Stock!
Night Watchman Blue<br>Ulbricht Classic Smoker
Borzel Woodsman
Ulbricht Smoker

Borzel is actually a local dialect German term for that funny piece of wood remaining at the lathe at the end....I suppose a bit of a useless piece, that the woodcrafters in the factory thought might make an interesting shape for a new smoker design! They were correct... Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 7-1/2 Inches - 19,0 cm
New - In Stock!
Borzel Woodsman<br>Ulbricht Smoker
Juggling Clown
Ulbricht Smoker

We know that clowns do sometime freak people out, but you have to admit this little "puddled pants" clown is quite cute! Dressed the part and he manages to keep three balls in the air. Like most smokers he comes apart at the waist for the incense to be inserted. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 7-5/8 Inches - 19,5 cm
Juggling Clown<br>Ulbricht Smoker
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