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Christian Ulbricht smokers or Räuchermänner are produced at both their Seiffen 
factory in the Erzgebirge region of Germany, and also at their Lauingen factory 
in Bavaria.

Below you'll find smokers or smoking men as small as five inches, some that 
make wonderful centerpieces and others that are entirely natural in finish
and traditional in appearance.  They all are made to the exacting quality from 
the firm Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht
Ulbricht Smokers l Ulbricht's Natural Smokers New 2022 Ulbricht Smokers l Ulbricht Miniature Smokers Genuine German KNOX Incense Cones Large and Over-sized Smokers
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Nat Black Forest Fellow
2022 Ulbricht Smoker

This friendly fellow comes from the deep forests of the Black Forest in SW Germany. The naturally colored boy carries the symbol of his homeland in front of him, an intricately made Chalet Cuckoo Clock. And indeed this wind-up mechanism on the clock does function. He looks proudly out from under his big hat while a rich felt coat protects him from wind and weather. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2022 Introduction 15-3/8 Inches - 39,0 cm
Nat Black Forest Fellow<br>2022 Ulbricht Smoker
Large Round Firefighter
2022 Ulbricht Smoker

He's there when you call him! Our round firefighter has made it his mission to help. He can be reached at any time of the day or night to serve his fellow human beings. A big thank you to him and his colleagues. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2022 Introduction 6-1/4 Inches - 16,0 cm
Large Round Firefighter<br>2022 Ulbricht Smoker
Classic Bird Lover
2022 Ulbricht Smoker

This tall classic smoking man likes the singing of birds and takes loving care of them. He has dedicated himself to rearing and only leaves his darlings in trusting hands. Sitting on his arm, his best friend is singing a song. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2022 Introduction 11-1/2 Inches - 29.0 cm
Classic Bird Lover<br>2022 Ulbricht Smoker
Grim Reaper - Classic
2022 Ulbricht Smoker

The Grim Reaper (also called simply Grim Reaper or Reaper) is a personified, anthropomorphic allegory of death from the Middle Ages. He compliments our Day of the Dead nutcrackers nicely... Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2022 Introduction 10 Inches - 25,5 cm
Grim Reaper - Classic<br>2022 Ulbricht Smoker
Small Gray Toy Trader
2022 Ulbricht Smoker

This little fellow dressed in subtle tones of grays and browns, is eagerly awaited! Children's eyes shine when the toy dealer goes through the Christmas market with his well- stocked vendor's tray. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2022 Introduction 4-1/8 Inches - 10,5 cm
Small Gray Toy Trader<br>2022 Ulbricht Smoker
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