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German Smokers > Ulbricht > Natural Smokers
The Christian Ulbricht firm produces these natural wooden finished smokers 
at both their Seiffen factory in the Erzgebirge region of Germany, (Saxony) 
as well as their Lauingen factory in Bavaria.

Below you'll find that these smoking men come finished primarily in all 
natural wood tones, with all made to the exacting quality from the well 
respected firm Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht GmbH. 

Ulbricht Smokers l Ulbricht's Natural Smokers New 2022 Ulbricht Smokers l Ulbricht Miniature Smokers Genuine German KNOX Incense Cones Large and Over-sized Smokers
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Innkeeper - Natural
2018 Ulbricht Smoker

This natural wood-toned, soft capped fellow is the boss and the staff rolled into one... the Innkeeper, who does the cooking, serving and the books! He serves some pork and dumplings along with a couple of mugs of German lager.... who can resist that sort of comfort food? Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 9-1/4 Inches - 23,5 cm
Innkeeper - Natural<br>2018 Ulbricht Smoker
Natural Baker
Ulbricht Smoker

Now this little "puddled pants" Baker is presenting you with a sweet message that he love loves you in German as decorated on his large gingerbread heart! He plays the role well with his tall baker's hat and rolling pin in his left hand. Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH 2018 Introduction 8-1/42 Inches - 21,0 cm
Natural Baker<br>Ulbricht Smoker
Santa on Sleigh
Natural Ulbricht Smoker

Ulbricht's Natural's have spilled over into this extensive collection of Natural Smokers of all sizes including this richly decorated Santa smoker with Sleigh. This fellow would make a magnificent table centerpiece! Made in Germany by Holtzkunst Christian Ulbricht 2005 Introduction 11 Inches - 28,0 cm
Sorry - Out of stock for the year! Please check back in 2024...
Santa on Sleigh<br>Natural Ulbricht Smoker
Bavarian Oktoberfester
2017 Nat Ulbricht Smoker

This Bavarian is not only finished in rich natural wood stained tones, but his attire still identifies that he is heading for Munich! Lederhosen, Alpine Hat and even an Edelweiss flower pinned to his suspenders! Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH in their Seiffen factory. 2017 Introduction Natural Ulbricht Smoker 7-3/4 Inches - 20,0 cm
Bavarian Oktoberfester<br>2017 Nat Ulbricht Smoker
Train Conductor
Ulbricht Natural Smoker

This classic, tall smoker is similar in design to those made for many years in the Ore Mountains of former East Germany. This train conductor holds a signal and a small locomotive in his hands. You gotta love his big brimmed hat! Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht GmbH in their Seiffen factory. 2010 Introduction - 2016 Addition Natural Ulbricht Smoker 11-3/8 Inches - 29,0 cm
Sorry - Sold Out for the Year! Please check back in 2023...
Train Conductor<br>Ulbricht Natural Smoker
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