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German Smokers > Erzgebirge Smokers
These traditional smokers have been produced by a variety of smaller firms within the Erzgebirgsche region of former East Germany. It is within these mining hills that the craft of turning wood into little figures that would burn incense first began. These Räuchermännchen have been created in Saxony since 1856. On this page, you'll find the smoking men from several well known firms... Richard Glässer, Ringo Müller, Gahlenz, Dregeno and other Erzgebirgishe (Ore Mountain) makers. We've recently placed our Franz Karl Smokers into their own section!
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Santa Claus with Tree
Müller Smoker
Santa Claus with Tree<br> Müller Smoker
This Santa smoker by Müller carries an 
elaborately decorated Christmas tree in one 
hand, and a lantern in the other.  

Fantastically detailed wood turning skills 
from this Ore Mountain family firm that has 
produced wooden articles since 1899.

2007 Introduction
Kleinkunst as dem Erzgebirge Müller GmbH
Made in Germany
8 inches - 20,0 cm
Sorry - Currently Out of Stock! Please check back in Summer 2019
  Price    $119.00
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Christmas Tree Grower
Müller Smoker

Our tree grower has just taken down a small Christmas tree with his power chain saw - time for a break and a smoke. 2007 Introduction Made in Germany by Kleinkunst aus dem Erzgebirge Müller GmbH 7-1/8 inches - 18,0 cm
Christmas Tree Grower<br>Müller Smoker
Witch with Raven
Müller Smoker

This Halloween Witch has a raven perched upon her shoulder and is hiding a mushroom behind her back - poisoned by chance? 2009 Introduction - 2011 Addition Kleinkunst as dem Erzgebirge Müller GmbH Made in Germany 9-3/4 inches - 25,0 cm
Witch with Raven<br>Müller Smoker
Small Mountain Lodge
Smoking Cabin / House

This delightful Mountain log cabin is loaded with detail, from the shutters over the windows. Decorated with individual roof shingles! Made in the Erzgebirge, Germany by Drechslerei Tilo Kempf - Rosenthal/Olbernhau Imported by Dregeno 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 x 3-3/4 inches high (9,0 x 9,0 x 9,5 cm hoch)
Sorry - Currently out of stock! Please check back in late Spring 2019!
Small Mountain Lodge<br>Smoking Cabin / House
Night Watchman - Electrified
Glässer Smoker

This traditional night watchman smoker is depicted on the street doing his job with a small lantern at his feet and a typically Erzgebirge lantern illuminted on a post above. Both lanterns use E5,5 Midget bulbs and are powered by 12V transformer (included) 2007 Introduction Made in Germany by Erzgeirgische Volkskunst Richard Glässer GmbH Seiffen 8 Inch - 20,0 cm 3x6 Inch Base - 7,6 x 15,3 cm 2 bulbs and transformer included
Night Watchman - Electrified<br>Glässer Smoker
Santa Smoker & Work Bench
Music Box

This Santa Smoker comes with his own work bench - with built in music box. This simple natural wooden table is laden with Santa's projects and tools. The small Christmas tree turns slowly as the music box plays, "O Tannenbaum". Made in the Erzgebirge, Germany by Karl Werner - Jens-Uwe Werner - Sayda Imported by Dregeno 8-5/8 inches - 22,0 cm
Santa Smoker & Work Bench<br> Music Box
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