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Christian Steinbach Ornaments
For most of two centuries the Steinbach family has been producing fine wood products: nutcrackers, smokers and ornaments. On these pages you will findornament designs created before 2000. Although some are still produced today, many are retired and some are in very limited supply. Please examine the fine selection of wooden hand-painted ornaments produced by the world known Christian Steinbach GmbH
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Sports Fan - Soccer Player
Steinbach Ornament
Sports Fan - Soccer Player<br> Steinbach Ornament
Football is the world sport and a passion 
for many young in America although we refer 
to it as Soccer.  Actually, Australian's 
also refer to it as Soccer!

Part of the initial Steinbach ornament line 
since the 1990's.

1992-93 Introduction - Made in Germany by
Steinbach Folkskunst GmbH
Marienberg, OT Gebirge, Saxony
3 Inches - 7,6cm
Sorry - Currently Out of Stock Back in Stock - 31 Oct 2018!
  Price    $22.95
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