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Glass Ornaments
     All mouth-blown and hand painted glass ornaments 
from Europe, we stock one of the largest selections 
of Inge-glas ® of Germany ornaments in the U.S.  

       Formerly distributed by Old World Christmas, 
Inge-glas ® ornaments have been produced in Germany 
by a family business since 1596.  Each Inge-glas ® 
ornament is marked by it's exclusive Star Crown.

   We also offer a fine selection of glass ornaments 
from other German and European makers including 
Christborn Ornaments l Abigail's Collection Dog Ornaments - Tannenbaum Treasures
Inge-glas ® Bride's Ornament Collections are available online as well as Replacement Bride's Ornaments. Ornament Accessories
Mary's Christmas Tree CK70913
Mary's Christmas Tree
A Lauscha exclusive ornament and part of 
the Christmas by Krebs range, "Mary's 
Christmas Tree" is a detailed ornament 
featuring a small child celebrating a 
Victorian Christmas.

Mouthblown in the Thüringer Forest of 
Germany by Lauscha Glas Creation
4-5/8 inches - 11,7 cm

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  Price    $34.95
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Favorite Horse
Classic Child's Toy

Christmas Visions
Particularly popular during the days before cars, children played at riding a wooden hobby horse made of a straight stick with a small horse's head. The bottom end of the stick sometimes had a small wheel or wheels attached. Made in Neustadt, Bavaria by Inge-glas® of Germany 2013 Introduction 5-1/2 inches - 14,0 cm

Favorite Horse<br> Classic Child's Toy
The Wizard Merlin - Inge-glas Ornament
Fairytale Forest
This Magical gentleman of King Arthur fame is bold and large, over 7 inches in length! Birgit Müller-Blech, designer for Inge- Glas® of Germany, brings new ornaments to life with creativity and design. Made in Neustadt, Bavaria by Inge-glas® of Germany 2012 Introduction 7-1/4 inches - 18,4 cm

The Wizard Merlin - Inge-glas Ornament
Purebred - Horse
2013 Inge-glas ornament

Animals on Parade
We've had many requests over the years for a full sized horse and Ing-glas in 2013 has released this beautiful ornament... Made in Neustadt, Bavaria by Inge-glas® of Germany 2013 Introduction 3 inches - 7,5 cm

Purebred - Horse<br> 2013 Inge-glas ornament
Robust Radish
2013 Inge-glas ornament

Farmer's Market
It is the white and crispy radish that Bavarians find a good snack to go along with a mug of Lager, but this little red radish is what Americans tend to mix into their salads! Made in Neustadt, Bavaria by Inge-glas® of Germany 2013 Introduction 2 inches - 5,0 cm

Robust Radish<br> 2013 Inge-glas ornament
Lantern Lady - Angel with Lamp
Heavenly Messengers
From the Latin word "angelus" which means messenger, their duties are to assist and serve God. Given wings, they are a glorious spirit helping us to soar with grace. Angels are guardians of love, hope and wonder, the keepers of magic and dreams. Angels watch over us and guide us in or daily lives. We are all angels in training; all we have to do is spread our wings and fly. This Angel holds a lantern bringing light to the world. Made in Neustadt, Bavaria by Inge-glas® of Germany 2013 Introduction 3-3/4 inches - 9,5 cm

Lantern Lady - Angel with Lamp
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