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Q. How do a preserve an autographed football jersey in a shadowbox for display?
A. Preservation begins with mounting the jersey in a reversible fashion, sew mounting perhaps being the most archival.

UV glass would minimize fading, but this is always subject to where the piece is hung. The most likely to show the effects of fading would be the signature, dependent upon the type of pen used to make the autograph. (Permanent we hope!)

A professional framer can best assist you with this project. Look for a CPF® and a member of the Professional Picture Framers Association

John Ranes
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Q. How do a preserve an autographed football jersey in a shadowbox for display?

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Q. I have a framed print which needs the glass replaced? What is your turnaround time on something like that?

Q. i have just purchased a tom merryfield limited addition print, is of a dancer sat down as if going to stretch,could you tell me anything about the artist and if you think it is worth anything thank you jo

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