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Q. how do you frame metals that have ribbons long enough to go around your neck?
A. Sharon,

We will typically conceal the additional ribbons within the matting of the frame. We like to show enough, to capture the obvious, but it is not necessary to show the entire length.

As with all shadow box frames, we attempt to let the presentation tell a complete story, so we want to incorporate other elements in addition to the medals. Pictures of the person who was awarded the medals as well as other supportive collateral material.


John Ranes
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Q. I recently purchsed an encore edition of Charles Peterson's "The Carolers." However, Peterson neglected to sign his name in the lower right-hand corner (the edition numbers and title are there). Does this lower the value of my print?

Q. how do you frame metals that have ribbons long enough to go around your neck?

Q. I have an authentic silk Korean dress from about 1910 that I would like to preserve and display by framing. How much would this cost and what additional protections are available against UV? The dress has 2 pcs and is about 50" tall.

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