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We stock a good supply of the key replacement parts that fit the most popular German Candle Pyramids including Fences, Candle Holders, Blades and Hubs, as well as Wheel Assemblies, Glass bearings, replacement lamps and metal axis shafts... Parts that will fit the following Pyramid makers: Müller, Volker & Heiko Flath, Richard Glässer, KWO, Blank and Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht.
Blades & Hub Assemblies l Candle Holders Fences & Figures l Glass Cup Bearings l Light Bulbs If you are in search of a unique piece that is missing or broken, please email us with your request and include the exact dimensions, description and the name of the maker and we will make an effort to obtain this for you. (Sorry - Replacement Parts can not be returned.)
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Blades & Hub - Blank
7 Angel PG Pyramid

These replacement blades are finished in a natural wood finish while the hub is painted in Gold with a dark Walnut base. These replacement parts are designed to fit many of the Blank PG 7 Angel Pyramids which include: PG002, PG002ELN, PG002T, PGELNT and PGF002. Click on Link to see details of assembled pyramid. Made in Germany by Christine Blank GmbH - Kunsthandwerk Grünhainichen aus dem Erzgebirge Blades: 5-7/8 x 2-7/8 inches/15,0 x 7,3 cm Hub: 1-1/2 x 5-1/4 Gold/Walnut Blades sold in sets of 12 blades Ø 13 Inches / 33,0 cm overall diameter when fully assembled.
Blades & Hub - Blank<br>7 Angel PG Pyramid
Single Tier Assembly
Volker Zenker Pyramid

This Wheel Assembly includes 9 blades (paddles) and the center hub for Volker Zenker pyramids, although it may also fit other brands. 9 Blades - 1-5/8 x 4 inches attached to Hub Diameter - 8-3/4 inches - 22,3 cm Center hole is approximately 1.5mm
Single Tier Assembly<br>Volker Zenker Pyramid
Miniature Fan Blade Assembly
Glässer Pyramids

This very small Fan Blade assembly has 10 blades and the center hub together in one single unit. It is designed for the very smallest Richard Glässer 169-170 series of pyramids. Example: Mini Candle-less pyramid These pyramids don't actually use candles but are placed where heat naturally rises near radiators, etc. 10 Blades & Hub - 2,0 cm height - 3/4 Inch Diameter: 8,0 cm - 3-1/8 inches
Miniature Fan Blade Assembly<br>Glässer Pyramids
10 Blade Wheel Assembly
Ulbricht Pyramid

This Wheel Assembly includes 10 blades (paddles) and the center hub for several of the Christian Ulbricht single tier pyramids, although it may also fit other brands. Manufactured in two pieces as a specific replacement part for Ulbricht pyramids 33-301, 302 and 33-303, (All single tiered incorporating 4 tea light candles)... these pyramids had hanging figures suspended from the three arms on the lower hub. 10 Blades - 2 x 5 inches attached to upper hub with gold ball - Overall Diameter - 10-1/4 inches -26,0 cm Center hole is approximately 3.0mm Lower hub has three arms and includes 3.0mm metal shaft for pyramid - 9/8 inches - 24,0 cm in length.
10 Blade Wheel Assembly<br>Ulbricht Pyramid
Ceramic Cup & Plate
Müller Pyramids

This wooden plate with ceramic cup is designed for all Mueller pyramids, although it may also fit other brands. Made in Germany by Kleinkunst as dem Erzgebirge Müller GmbH Cup Diameter - 12mm Wooden Plate - 27 x 53mm / 1-1/16 x 2-1/8 inches
Ceramic Cup & Plate<br> Müller Pyramids
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