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German Christmas Pyramids

Multi-tiered candle pyramids, made in the Erzgebirge region of Germany, these traditional Christmas time wonders are crafted of fine hardwoods.
The rising heat from the candles sets the impeller blades in motion, slowly turning the pyramid which conjures up fantastic plays of light in the room. Only a handful of German wood turners produce these delicate wooden creations. We carry only the best, and have carefully selected designs from Blank, Müller, Flath, Ulbricht, Richard Glässer, Kunth Neuber and KWO.
We also stock the Candles that are made for these German Christmas Pyramids as well as some genuine replacement parts from the factories in the Ore Mountains...
German Candle Pyramids l Pyramid Candles in 5 sizes Pyramid Replacement Parts l Tea Light Candles & Accessories
Similar in design, some of these renowned Ore Mountain firms also make German Candle Arches which may be found here: Candle Arches - Schwibbogen.
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Müller 5 Tiered Natural
Pyramid - Electrified

This over-sized natural pyramid will adorn your holiday decorated entrance or living room with a dramatic yet old European image that will impress your holiday guests! Depicting the Christmas Nativity Story with large removable figures, is this five tiered natural wood finished pyramid made in the workshop of Ringo Müller of Seiffen, aus dem Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany. The roof or sixth layer is finished with an infinity dome just below the blades. Ringo Müller is considered perhaps to be the premier Christmas Pyramid maker from the Ore Mountains, and was featured by Martha Stewart during her Christmas Special several years ago. Due to size Local Pick up Only Made in Germany by Kleinkunst aus dem Erzgebirge Müller GmbH Seiffen, Saxony. 59 inches - 150,0 cm 70 inches - 178,0 cm - With Base! 110 Electrical illuminated and driven An optional natural beechwood laminated base raises the pyramid an additional 28cm off the floor - 11 inches. Large Six-sided Base
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Müller 5 Tiered Natural<br> Pyramid - Electrified
Flath 4 Tiered Candle
Pyramid - Musical

This four tiered pyramid was created in the Erzgebirge workshop of Volker & Heiko Flath in the small toy village of Seiffen. The 36 Note Reuge Swiss movement plays "Stille Nacht" or Silent Night in English and is built within the pyramid's base. As a fairly small workshop, Flath is known for their fine detail and delicate workmanship. This pyramid was upgraded from a 28 note music mechanism in 2018 to the 36 note mechanism in this model today. It's absolutely Exquisite! Made in Germany by Volker & Heiko Flath - Seiffen Erzgebirge 20-1/2 Inches - 52,0 cm High
Flath 4 Tiered Candle<br> Pyramid - Musical
Flath 3 Tiered Miner
Candle Pyramid

Three tiers in this "Miner's Band" pyramid from Volker & Heiko Flath depict the Ore Miners from the region in their dress uniforms. Ore Mining of course was the main principal occupation within the Erzgebirge region of Germany in the 15-16th Century. Wood working and wood turning was a hobby for many of these miners and hence the depiction of this occupation on much of the volkart of the area. Made in Germany by Volker & Heiko Flath - Seiffen Erzgebirge 13-3/4 inches - 35,0 cm high Candles sold separately: Medium Pyramid Candles
Flath 3 Tiered Miner<br> Candle Pyramid
Flath 3 Tiered Historic
Colored Pyramid

This three tiered Pyramid in historic colors comes from the workshop of Volker & Heiko Flath, Seiffen, Germany. Available in either a Candle or Electrified version... Uses Medium 14mm Candles or three 23V-3W-E10 Candle bulbs which are included with the electrified version - replacement bulbs also available. No need to monitor the electrified pyramid while the candles are burning - Great for families with small children or when you are entertaining. Made in Germany by Volker & Heiko Flath - Seiffen Erzgebirge 13-3/4 inches / 35,0 cm - 14mm Candle or 110v Electrified versions
Flath 3 Tiered Historic<br>Colored Pyramid
Franz Karl 3 Tiered Natural
Candle Pyramid

This three tiered natural candle pyramid by Franz Karl depicts the holy nativity in natural figures lightly accented in color. The design also incorporates baroque style fences on each of the three tiers. and uses six medium 1/2 inch candles. (14 mm) Made in the Erzgebirge, Germany by Franz Karl GmbH - Venusberg Imported by Dregeno 2013 Addition 22-3/4 Inches - 58,0 cm
Sorry - Currently Out of Stock! Please check back in 2022...
Franz Karl 3 Tiered Natural<br>Candle Pyramid
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