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Originally, very simple music boxes were created in the Erzgebirge region of Germany and played, driven by means of a small handle. The human or animal figurines on them would move to tunes created by a wooden mechanism, which produced quite a different sound compared to today's music boxes produced in the Erzgebirge. Please review our selection of imported German Music Boxes reflecting the craftsmanship by such renowned firms as KWO, Müller, Ulbricht and Christine Blank. All hand made in the Erzgebirge region of Saxony - with genuine Swiss movements by Reuge. You will find the new Müller Electronic Music Boxes with interchangeable Motif platforms in this special section.
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Flower Meadow Children
Blank Music Box

This delightful design was created by the firm, Blank known for their detailed Blumenkinder, or flower children. Christine Blank's style usually depicts the flower girls in Faltenrock or pleated skirts.
Blank - Pleated Skirt Angels from 
36 Note Swiss movement - Reuge plays Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers"
Some of these individual Blumenkinder are available: Blank Flower Children.
Made in Germany by Christine Blank GmbH - Kunsthandwerk Grünhainichen aus dem Erzgebirge 8 inches - 20,2 cm Height
Flower Meadow Children<br> Blank Music Box
Historical Miner's Lift 1850
Flath Music Box

This super detailed, large music box depicts a historical Miner's band circling a Lift from the 1850 era in the Ore Mountains of Saxony, Germany. Created by the firm of Volker & Heiko Flath, they are located in the small village of Seiffen in the Ore Mountains in the heart of this former mining region. Made in Germany by Volker & Heiko Flath Seiffen - Erzgebirge 12-5/8 inches - 32,0 cm in height 9-1/4 inches - 23,5 cm in Width 28 Note Reuge Swiss movement plays... "Glück auf, Glück auf"
Although Currently Out of Stock, this music box can be Special Ordered - Allow 3 weeks!
Historical Miner's Lift 1850<br>Flath Music Box
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