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Here, you'll find the unusual in video and audio related to the unique gift 
items and artwork stocked and shown at The Frame Workshop.

You'll also find a selection of CD's that represent the delightful 
music from Sugo Music and Design that we plan in our shop.  
Wisconsin - An American Portrait Video SC-081106
Wisconsin - An American Portrait Video
An American Portrait premiered nationwide 
in the USA on PBS in March, 2000. This EMMY 
award-winning production is a tribute to 
one of America's greatest and most diverse 

An American Portrait tells the story of 
Wisconsin and its people, a story rooted in 
a deep love of the land and unsurpassed 
work eithic that goes back generations.  It 
is a story filled with respect for our 
native roots and the traditions of faith, 
family and community that arose from the 
pioneer spirit.

Unfortunately this great video has still 
not been produced as a DVD - 2009.

Written by Chip Duncan
Narrated by Mason Adams

2 Emmy Awards, 60 Minutes
  Price    $21.95
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The Art of Charley Harper - DVD
Released in 2005, "The Art of Charley Harper - A Retrospective View" chronicles Charley's life's works from his childhood, as a soldier stationed in Europe, through his art school years to today. Visit Charlie in his Cincinnati design studio as he showns his illustrations that were created for Procter & Gamble, Ivory, Morton Salt through his Ford Times covers which began in the 1940's. It was the creation of serigraph prints of birds and animal illustrations from the "Ford Times" that took Charley to create illustrations for the National Park Service and eventually to be published in the 1970's by Frame House Gallery. Charley shares with us what prompted many of his beloved paintings and you'll gain insight into the mind of this creative genius. Run time: 1 hour, 12 minutes 2005 Release
The Art of Charley Harper - DVD
A Visit to the Glassblower Workshop - DVD
This 2008 DVD was rleased in conjunction with the "Christmas & Traditions" book by Klaus Muller-Blech. It is truly a visit to this part of Germany where the art of turning glass tubes into delicate ornaments began. The DVD goes through all the stages in the creation of Inge-glas ornaments from over 6000 vintage molds to the painting process where up to 30 stages can be involved to complete one ornament. Made in Germany Narration in German or English, 8 minutes, 16 seconds
A Visit to the Glassblower Workshop - DVD
Snow Globe Christmas - DVD
"A Snowglobe Christmas" features dozens of Austrian snowglobes like they have never been seen before. These carefully hand crafted globes are presented with special theatrical lighting and are accompanied by a variety of upbeat and jolly Christmas music. In the "Behind the Scenes" segment Mr. Erwin Perzy III explains how the snowglobe was invented. The DVD's "Director of Creation" humorously confesses to the hardships of using an international cast of snowglobe characters. Producer and Globe Wrangler Nicola Ranson offers some unique stories with these particular snowglobes. The DVD creates a warm and friendly environment to enhance family get- togethers, holiday parties, opening presents and quiet moments waiting for Santa. Approx. 50 minutes includes: -Snowglobes with Holiday Music. -Behind the Scenes. -How the Snowglobe Was Invented. -Credits. Click to view a sample clip from the video. ISBN: 978-1-883779-32-0
Snow Globe Christmas - DVD
National Geographic - Christmas CD
"Christmas: The World Rejoices" presents an exceptional gathering of musicians from around the globe. This selection of songs presents unique carols -- each song reflecting how Christmas is celebrated in different regions of the world. National Geographic invites you to celebrate the magic of Christmas with this selection of 14 spirited carols. Includes Music, Full Color Map and cultural information.
National Geographic - Christmas CD
Mambo Cha Cha - CD
This compilation of 10 great songs released by EMI-Capitol Music in 2001 includes... Swag by Dean Martin Glow Worm Cha Cha Cha by Jakie Davis Chihuahua by Luis Oliveria & His Bandodalya Boys Oink, Oink Mambo by Chuy Reyes & His Orchestra Fly Me to the Moon by Julie London Many others - Way a fun CD! Sugo Music - EMI Capitol Muisc
Mambo Cha Cha - CD
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