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         The finest in German made nutcrackers from 
Christian Ulbricht,  Christian Steinbach,  Richard 
Glässer,  KWO,  Müller and many other firms from 
the Erzgebirgische (Ore Mountain) region.
          The Frame Workshop displays one of the 
largest selections of authentic German nutcrackers 
in Wisconsin.   However, if you are unable to find 
a specific nutcracker for your collection, please 
contact us, and we'll do our best to locate that 
elusive treasure!
Select from any of these respected German Nutcracker Manufacturers Ulbricht - Steinbach - KWO Richard Glässer - Müller
2021 Steinbach Nutcrackers 2021 Ulbricht Nutcrackers Very Large - Oversized Nutcrackers
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Barn Owl - 2022
Ulbricht Tour Bird Nutcracker

This is NOT this year's Tour Bird but a early view of the 2022 Tour Bird! This Barn Owl will become the twenty-fourth addition to this series of annual tour "cracking birds" that the Ulbricht firm has created. The series started in 1997 and has been release each year except in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid pandemic. (No Tour....No Bird!) Typically this tour bird nutcracker is released in conjunction with a visit from Gunther Ulbricht to our shop in November but sadly he will not be touring across the United States to visit with collectors this year. Made in Germany by Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht Limited Edition 4-1/4 x 3-1/4 x 6-5/8 Inches (w x l x h) 11,0 x 8,3 x 16,8 cm This Tour Bird is dated 2022, ore-signed by Gunther Ulbricht and personalized, "Viel Gluck!" (Much Luck in German)
Pre-Paid for 2022 - This special event piece will arrive sometime in the Summer-Autumn of 2022! We will ship to you as soon as available!

Barn Owl - 2022<br>Ulbricht Tour Bird Nutcracker
King Arthur Glazed
Ulbricht Classic Nutcracker

Arthur was the legendary king of the Celtic British and has been portrayed in this classic nutcracker design from Ulbricht. King Arthur defeated the Saxons, Angles and Jutes. Many legends and myths surround this hero of Celtic mythology. Attention to detail is a trade mark of every Ulbricht nutcracker that originated with Otto Ulbricht in the Erzgebirge in 1928. A glazed finish reveals rich wood tones in this nutcracker. Made in Germany by Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht Open Edition Nutcracker 2020 Introduction 15-3/4 inches - 40, cm

King Arthur Glazed<br>Ulbricht Classic Nutcracker
Santa by Fireplace
2020 Ulbricht Nutcracker

In a moment the fireplace adjacent to this Ulbricht nutcracker will be blazing and the bag full of presents will be unpacked. The homemade gingerbread smells delicious. Of course some children left this out for their Christmas Eve visitor. Attention to detail is a trade mark of each limited edition nutcracker from Ulbricht! Made in Germany by Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht Limited Edition of 1,000 pieces 2020 Introduction 19-1/4 inches - 49,0 cm

Santa by Fireplace<br>2020 Ulbricht Nutcracker
Small Classic Golfer
2021 Ulbricht Nutcracker

He's drawn to the golf course every sunny Sunday morning. With his club bag over his shoulder, he goes from hole to hole. This fellow is highly respected by his teammates, which is not only due to his fine attire, but his play as well. So far he has been spared a bogey. He's a birdie hunter and even has an eagle on his scorecard today. When he scored an albatross the other day, he dreamed of following in Tiger Wood's footsteps. Attention to detail is a trade mark of each limited edition nutcracker from Ulbricht! Made in Germany by Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht 2021 Introduction 10-3/8 inches - 26,5 cm

Small Classic Golfer<br>2021 Ulbricht Nutcracker
Yes Virginia
Steinbach Santa Nutcracker

Perhaps one of the most well know Christmas stories of Americana history, where a little girl named Virginia writes to the newspaper asking if there really is a Santa Claus. Our Santa Claus stands in front of a mailbox with a copy of the letter in one hand and an edition from the New York Sun in his other. Open Edition Release 19 inches - 48,0 cm 2016 Introduction Made in Germany by Steinbach Volkunst GmbH

Yes Virginia<br>Steinbach Santa Nutcracker
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