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10 Pound Deluxe Floreat Hangers
Package or Bulk
10 pound capacity - Size 0, these Deluxe Floreat hangers are 
available in box of 8 picture hooks and 8 knurled nails.  

View our German Package of 8 Hooks & 8 Nails
Also available in bulk of 100 with nails.

Brass-plated steel hangers won't damage your walls and 
include tempered steel nails with knurled brass heads.  
These slim nails make the smallest of holes and pull out 

Made in Germany by Floreat Wandhacken 
a division of SF Shalter GmbH Sömmerda.
Currently Out of Stock of Floreat inventory! We anticipate New inventory arriving from Germany about 31 August! Any order you place will be shipped then...
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