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Christian Steinbach Smokers
For most of two centuries the Steinbach family has been producing fine wood products: nutcrackers, smokers and ornaments. Today, Karla Steinbach heads the operation carrying on this family tradition since the passing away of her father, Herr Christian Steinbach on 26 February 2007. Karla Steinbach is the sixth generation to head the company that Christian made world famous since 1947. She oversees product development and quality control at the factory now located in Hohenhameln in the northern region of Germany.
Christian Steinbach 
Please examine the fine selection of Smoking men below produced by the world known firm of Christian Steinbach GmbH.
Genuine German KNOX Incense Cones for Steinbach Smokers
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German Policeman
Steinbach Smoker

Steinbach has introduced "Pickel", a German policeman as a smoker in 2007, following his appearance as a Junior nutcracker in 2006. Made in Germany by Christian Seinbach 2007 Introduction 12 inches - 30,5 cm Signed by Karla Steinbach
German Policeman<br> Steinbach Smoker
Wine Maker
Steinbach Smoker

Steinbach introduced this classic detailed Wine Maker in 2007. Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach 2007 Introduction 9-1/2 inches - 24,2 cm Signed by Karla Steinbach!
Wine Maker<br> Steinbach Smoker
Bavarian on Keg
Musical Steinbach Smoker

Celebrating Octoberfest in style, this smoker stradles a keg of quality German lager during the festival! Created by the Christian Steinbach this smoker also contains a music box within the keg..."Trink, Trink, Bruderlein, Trink" Made in Germany by Christian Seinbach 12-1/2 Inches - 31,8 cm Signed by Karla Steinbach!
Bavarian on Keg<br> Musical Steinbach Smoker
Steinbach Smoker

Christian Steinbach has introduced a delightful new design for a smoking man in 2005 with Octoberfest fellow. With his lunch by his side, he is definitely taking time to smell the flowers. 2005 Introduction Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach GmbH 11-1/2 inches - 29,0 cm
Octoberfest<br> Steinbach Smoker
Steinbach Smoker

Christian Steinbach has a wonderfully hard working smoker in this 2004 Smithy design. 2004 Introduction Made in Germany by Christian Steinbach GmbH 10-1/2 inches - 26,7 cm
Blacksmith<br> Steinbach Smoker
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