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Schwibbogen - Candle Arches

Illuminating the windows of numerous homes and businesses in the Erzgebirge at Christmastime, these arch-shaped candelabras have become an inseparable part of the holiday decorations of this Saxon region.
The first predecessor of Candle Arches (Schwibbogen) was manufactured in 1726 from wrought iron. The German name Schwibbogen refers to a type of arch constructed in Gothic times when an arch between two walls was called "Schwebebogen" (floating arch). The look goes back to a tradition of miners, who hung their burning pit lamps semi-circularly on the pit entry hole before they started their last shift before Christmas. The Candle Arch expresses the longing of light by the miners who did not see very much daylight during their workdays. "Gluck Auf!"
Many of these renowned Ore Mountain firms also make beautiful German Candle Pyramids which may be found here... Christmas Pyramids - Weihnachts Pyramiden Candle Arch Replacement Bulbs & Accessories
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6 Volt - 0.08A Mini Bulbs
5 Pak Replacements

These replacement mini bulbs are designed to function with displays typically utilizing a 12 volt transformer. Specifically these are the replacement lamps for Richard Glässer 01058 Candle Arch. Check your model carefully to determine which voltage you require. This 6-7 volt bulb works with most designs that require a 12volt transformer. Distributed by Dregeno 6volts - 0.08A Mini Bulb with white base - 5pak Made in China for Konstsmide AB Sweden
6 Volt - 0.08A Mini Bulbs<br>5 Pak Replacements
LED - 3 Volt Candle Bulbs
These replacement LED bulbs were specifically designed to fit the battery powered candle arch model 1146 produced by RG Erzgebirgische Volkskunst Richard Glässer GmbH Seiffen RG Model 1146 uses 5 LED Candle Bulbs. This LED candle bulb is not usable in combination-conjunction with conventional incandescent bulbs. (All bulbs must be LED) Individual/lamps/Ersatzkerzen E10 Size - 45mm - C6
3volts - .064watts - 15mA 1 LED - 4 Lumens
LED - 3 Volt Candle Bulbs
Replacement Bulb
RAUTA Candle Arch Schwiboggen

These replacement mini bulbs are designed to function with unique and now retired candle arches - Schwibbogen made by RAUTA, Raum und Tafelschmuck - Gabriele Günther e.Kfr. Used for indirect lighting within the Candle Arch, and used with a transformer only. These were designed specifically to work with Model Nos. 350, 251, 352 & 353 from the RAUTA workshop. Mini Bulb with white base - 12v /1w lamp - Sold Individually Imported by Dregeno Erzgebirge, Germany 2,7 cm x 1,0 cm
Replacement Bulb<br>RAUTA Candle Arch Schwiboggen
Electrical Adaptor
Plug: Euro to USA

This adapter plug is designed to convert a 2 pin European plug to a 2 pin CP4 for use in a USA / Japan outlet. It is automatically included with any of the Müller LED Candle Arches that happen to be wired with Euro plugs, but can be purchased separately if you have a Candle Arch or Pyramid that you purchased and used in Germany-Europe. If you bring a Arch back from Germany, you still need to fit it with the correct bulbs (voltage) for it to function correctly! This adapter does not convert voltage! If you would operate an arch with this adapter the lights might be very dim! If you want full brightness on your arch you will need to examine and use the correct bulbs! Made in Germany for Kleinkunst as dem Erzgebirge Müller GmbH Plug is an adapter that converts CEE7 VDE plug into the American NEMA 1-15 format. 125V - 10A rating Click on Image for Larger Detailed View
Electrical Adaptor<br>Plug: Euro to USA
Lumix LED Candles
Classic Starter Set

This fantastic new innovation adds modern engineering to traditional wood art: LUMIX Superlight wireless, remote controlled Christmas candles. They attach to the candle holders with small built-in magnets. They will fit any 14mm candle holder (regular pyramid candle size). Like that, they can be used anywhere where you'd normally use natural candles: Christmas tree, candle arches or advent candle holder, to name a few. You can select between steady and flickering light. * You can combine several KRINNER products and program and control any number of candles on a remote control. * Please note that these LED candles do not develop any heat and are therefore are not adequate for Christmas pyramids - without heat, a pyramid will not rotate. Contents include: * 2 LED candles LUMIX-SUPER-LIGHT-MINI with magnetic base * 1 SuperLight remote control * 2 batteries type AAA (for candles) * 1 coin cell for the remote control * 1 user manual Made in Germany by Krinner GmbH Straßkirchen, Bavaria
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Lumix LED Candles<br>Classic Starter Set
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