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Picture Framing Hanging Solutions > Deluxe Floreat Hangers
These German made picture hooks have often been imitated but never duplicated.
Deluxe Floreat Hangers are still the preferred brand of picture hangers among 
professionals in the custom framing industry.

Deluxe Floreat Hanger - Made in Germany - Picture Framing Hooks that won't damage your wall!
Floreat Hangers are wall hooks for framed pictures that utilize traditional wire on the back. They are made in Germany
and are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 75 pounds.
Each Brass plated steel hanger includes a nail that is sharp, thin and made of tempered steel - this leaves only a trace hole in the wall. Each nail has brass knurled sides to facilitate easy extraction.
Regardless of the size and weight of the picture it is recommended that two hooks are used for each picture frame hung.
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