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German Glass Ornaments - Christborn
Christborn has sworn to preserve a centuries old cultural heritage: to retain the traditional crafting technique. This means that every ornament leaving Christborn's workshop has been mouth-blown, silver plated and decorated by hand. This makes each Christborn ornament truly unique, unmistakable with it's own intrinsic flair. Christborn GmbH - Bavaria, Germany -- "To manufacture glass ornaments by machine would stand in contradiction to our philosophy."
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The sunflower gets its name from the Greek words helios meaning sun and anthos meaning flower. There are some 67 species within the Helianthus genus. Archeological evidence suggests that Native Americans began cultivating and improving the sunflower as early as 2300 B.C. Thus, sunflower cultivation may predate cultivation of the "Three Sisters" of corn, beans and squash. The seeds of sunflower were usually roasted and ground into a fine meal for baking or used to thicken soups and stews. 2005 Introduction Made in Germany by Christborn Imported by Tannenbaum Treasures 4 inchesn - 10,2 cm
Cactus Fruit - Kiwano Horned Melon
This ornament could be a Prickley Pair, from the Cactus family...but we're thinking this is a Kiwano Horned Melon. Grown in New Zealand but originally from tropical Africa, these spiked melons with edible seeds have jelly-like pulp and a sweet-tart flavor evocative of bananas and cucumbers. Select fruit free of bruises and splits; store at room temperature up to two weeks. At peak ripeness, it turns golden orange. Uses: Slice into wedges or cut in half lengthwise and eat directly from shell with a spoon. Use shell as a serving dish for ice cream topped with the pulp or for fruit dips. 2005 Introduction Made in Germany by Christborn Imported by Tannenbaum Treasures 4 inches - 10,2 cm
Cactus Fruit - Kiwano Horned Melon
Pineapples are a classic symbol of friendship and hospitality. This ornament from Christborn was so well done that we had to add this to our selection of fruits and vegetables. You'll find more ornaments like this in our Fruits & Vegetable Ornaments section. 2007 Introduction Hand-blown & painted glass Made in Germany by Christborn Imported by Tannenbaum Treasures 6 inches - 15,3 cm
Baseball Player
This little baseball player is more than likely a vintage mold, used again today by Christborn of Germany. We have the perfect companion ornament for this player, as Inge-glasĀ® produced a Boys of Summer - Baseball ornament in 2004. 2002 Introduction Made in Germany by Christborn Imported by Tannenbaum Treasures 3 inches - 7,4 cm
Baseball Player
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