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Celebrate the Century - 1940's FW-5092
This 16 opening framed mat contains the 
USPS souvenir sheet of 1999 commemorating 
the events of the 1940's.  A second set of 
the individual stamps surrounds the full 
souvenir sheet in the center, each 
protected in it's own Showgard stamp mount, 
and framed to conservation standards with 
Alphamat and Conservation Clear glass.

The double mat of Bainbridge Alphamat 
Featherstone, 8801 is complimented with a 
double track V-groove cut into the top 
layer and floated slightly above the second 
layer of the same color. The framing is 
completed with a Nielsen metal frame, Dusk 
15-164 and Tru-vue Conservation Clear 
glass.  Each stamp is professional mounted 
in a Showgard stamp mount.

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19 x 21 inches  - Usually in Stock.  Allow 
3 weeks for custom framing order. 
Includes mounted mint stamps, 
Scott #3186 - Issued 18 Feb 1999
(1950's stamps illustrated)
Price    $325.00