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This was The Frame Workshop's first National picture framing award, and was executed by staff member Paula Minkebige and owner John Ranes. It was only the second time that our shop had entered a National framing competition, and our efforts were chosen Second from a field of 112 entries.

Second Place, 1981 PPFA Print Competition

The Frame Workshop also captured an Honorable Mention Award in the "New & Creative Ideas" framing competition at this same convention. John's entry of a shadowbox Cecropia Moth with counted thread below, became the shop's second national picture framing award.

The print was custom framed in an Italian Silver/Gold molding with a matching fillet that had to be cut out of the same moulding. The 3 inch mat is a hand wrapped 35 count linen in which Paula has cross stitched a miniature Magnolia into the bottom right hand corner.

Paula's interest in counted thread led her into this field exclusively as she opened her own business a few years later, Crossed Wing Collection.

Honorable Mention, 1981 PPFA Open Competition

Winner, 1993 FATG Framing Competition, England UK

Shop employee, Sandy Griesbach did a wonderful job in garnishing The Frame Workshop it's first National First Place Award in July of 1985. The small limited edition print, "A Visit to the Capital" by P. Buckley Moss was the competition print selected by the Professional Picture Framers Association that year.

Sandy chose to keep the framing presentation monochromatic with silver and blue-green color elements. The octagonal fillet matched the Silver cap moulding. Sandy also added an octagonal glass etched line on the interior of the floating panel, as well as a square glass etched line closer to the molding. Her concern for detail brought home the top Award to The Frame Workshop.

This was The Frame Workshop's first International framing award, and was executed by owner John Ranes. The framed "Coke Can" also captured Third Place at the PPFA New & Creative Framing Competition in Chicago the following July, 1994.

The Coke Can was the subject matter which was framed by all framers in this UK competition. We chose to shadowbox the Coke can in a 4 inch deep lacquered molding. This enabled us to include a lighted presentation with a small motor that rotates the Coke can slowly.

Black matting around the Coke Can conceals the motor and the lighting system. We added a hand cut "Coke Wave" to the matting.

First Place, 1985 PPFA Print Competition

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