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Q. Hello, I recently purchased a print at a local auction. It is entitled Blue Bird and REd Berries. It is numbered 144 of 200 and bears the signature Ikki Matsomoto. I was able to locate the artisit web site but have not been able to make contact with him to verify that this item is indeed one of his works. It was beautifully framed by a wild life gallery here in Kansas City but they have since gone out of business.
A. Bonnie,

My educated guess tells me that this is definitely one of Ikki's serigraphs. He had his gallery on Sanibel Island in Florida for many years, and has since returned to Ohio, where he first applied his skills, and also where he met Charley Harper who had a distinctive influence on his style.

Please Email directly if you have any further questions.


John Ranes II, CPF, GCF
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