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Peacock Cracking Bird - 2014 Tour Nutcracker
Author: John Ranes II August/02/14
The Peacock is the 18th annual Cracking Bird nutcracker released to commemorate Ulbricht's U.S. signing tour.
This Peacock nutcracker is a rich and beautiful design that will be available in early October to mark the tour of Gunther Ulricht as he visits shops across the United States.

This "Cracking Bird" becomes the 18th tour bird in a series of small wooden nutcrackers by Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht.

Gunther Ulbricht is scheduled to visit The Frame Workshop on November 14th

The Peacock's head pivots forward to reveal the cracking mechanism.  A small magnet holds the head in it's upright position!
The Peacock's head pivots forward to reveal the cracking mechanism.
A small magnet holds the head in it's upright position!
For those who have been collecting these Cracking Bird nutcrackers since the first appeared in 1997 when Christian Ulbricht toured the U.S., you already know that we have seen a variety of designs including Cardinals, Doves, Penguins.

Any guess on which one was the most popular? The Owl in 2005 holds that distinction, but the North American Turkey of 2011 definitely gave it stiff competition.

Customers tell us they love these Cracking Birds as they can be left out all year long and will add a sparkle of color in the kitchen or a point of interest on a mantle or bookshelf.

Some previously released Ulbricht tour birds from 1997 to 2012 include the Woodpecker, Eagle, Owl, Partridge, Rooster, Parrot and Turkey!
Kindly visit our website if you are missing some of these earlier birds - we have a few still in stock.

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